Thursday, June 18, 2009

M.S. SLP (YEAH!!!!)

It's official! Sara is done and gradumuated ;) SO proud of her!

Here we are at Sara's end-of-year banquet which was held the week before graduation.

With her buddies - Cheri and Jenica!

Sara's class and the Speech Department faculty held an afternoon tea at our place the week before graduation as well. All the girls had to wear a "splash of red" - hence all the red you see in the picture! Check out Sara's Facebook page for more pics of this.

The only pic we got of us on graduation day! Clark bought the lei (to make sure Sara had a "real" California graduation) and at home there were two BIG bunches of roses and the best graduation present EVER - an Amazon Kindle!!! YEAH!!!!!

Thanks to aunty Viv, aunty Yvonne, Carly and Jesse who provided familial support (and lots of screaming and cheering when Sara accepted her diploma)! What would we do without a family close by?

It's official - there she goes Miss M.S. Speech-Language Pathologist!

Goodbye to our dear friends :(

Carlindo and Jeni-Joy have left for Indiana :( Carlindo has accepted a fellowship position at a hospital there and will be super-specializing in opthalmology. We are going to miss them so much!

A chilly Sabbath picnic lunch at their favorite spot in Oak Glen to say goodbye a couple of weeks ago.

what is going on with this weather?! It's June and here we are wearing our sweatshirts and jackets and wrapped up in sleeping bags!

Having a good chat :) and giggle!

After Sara's graduation on Sunday we stopped by to say goodbye again because they were leaving Monday morning :( Precious family - they've really been a HUGE blessing in our lives.

Happy Birthday to Sara and LA Marathon

Sara turned 29 (YIKES! only one year left of the twenties!) on May 24 but it was a bittersweet weekend for her because the day before her birthday her sister got married in South Africa and we could not go because of the fact that Sara had to be done with school 2 weeks later and graduated the week after that.
We had a lovely birthday lunch with the Lansdowns (no photo - we are becoming so irresponsible with photos!) and then headed off to Bel Air (yes, Bel Air!!!) for a birthday weekend in a fancy-schmancy hotel :) We were also killing "two birds with one stone" because Clark was running the LA marathon on Memorial Day (May 25).
Here is a our lovely suite!

and here is Clark up bright (well, more like "dark") and early to head off to LA to run the marathon! He did great - took a little longer than he anticipated but he did it! He even made it onto TV! :)

Recent Happenings!

Hi friends...

Long time, no see! Been very busy lately - Sara has been working and studying (but that's over now since she graduated last Sunday! more on that a little later). So guess the easiest way to do this is to put up some pics of the few highlights in our lives the last few months.
Clark took part in his first triathlon which was held in San Diego (in March or April - don't remember!). That was exciting and a real accomplishment for him!
Here he is with his friends Jacques and Natasa (who are veterans at the triathlon game by now!)
Ready for his chilly swim!

Off for the bike race...

Coming in at the finish line! So proud of him :)
So after that first triathlon (which was pretty serious business) - Clark convinced our friend Carlindo to join him in the Possibilities triathlon in Loma Linda....
Clark played photographer so here are some pics of Carlindo :)
Stretching before the race....

It's all done! Now we can head to Carlindo's little girls' (Bianca and Gisella) birthday party!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Girls Weekend in New York!

In Time's Square :)  We went trying on wedding dresses on Sunday and Wayne's girlfriend was in New York on business from Australia so she came and hung out with us too :) She is a lovely, sweet girl and we all had a great time together!

Checking out Janine's wedding venue!  Here we are in the bride's dressing room.

and this is under the gazebo where Janine is going to hold the ceremony - it's really pretty and it's going to be gorgeous in summer with all the greenery!

The bride-to-be with her mom and her mother-in-law-to-be!

Aunty Viv snapped this photo of Carly and I when we went out to eat dinner on Friday afternoon after arriving in New York.  We ate just down the street from where Janine and Mike work waiting for them to finish!

The view from Janine's apartment - looking towards New Jersey.  She lives just over the George Washington bridge.

New York is tiring!  especially when you are trailing your bags around with you everywhere you go!  Here we are on the subway.

Carly and Janine in the kitchen!  Carly organized her sister's fridge for her :) 

Hanging out in the apartment...

Did I mention that it was tiring?!  Here I am resting my weary, ever-so-slightly-jet-lagged body :)  nothing like a nap to revive you!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just look at our cute big girl!

Thought this picture was too cute - we had to share! (stolen off Tracey's Facebook page! thanks sis!)  She's getting so big!!!!  

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Kaitlyn!

Our adorable little niece turned 1 on Jan 25th this year and we are so proud of her :)  We're just sorry that we couldn't be there to join in the celebrations!
Cute as a button!
Our pretty girl with her mommy and daddy.
Mommy made Kaitlyn a beautiful "Winnie the Pooh" birthday cake and she also held a beautiful "Winnie the Pooh"- themed party!
Opening pressies - this is from Aunty Sara and says:  "Don't make me call my aunt" (that's right - she'll sort you out!)  Love the expression on her face :)
This one is from uncle Clark and says: "My Goal: To be as cool as my uncle!"
Little girls love their dollies :)
Uncle Clive drew this picture of our beautiful girl - obviously she is pleased (or amused!) with the result :)

We love you Kaitlyn!  You are very precious to aunty Sara and uncle Clark and we can't wait to meet you in person and give you tons of hugs and cuddles! xxx

Monday, February 23, 2009

R & A: Eating! Eating! Eating! Vol. 2

The computer gremlins strike again!  I'm trying to finish off this eating post thingie but keep encountering problems.  So, anyway - here is the next installment of our holiday eating pics :)
Paris Buffet.

Rain Forest Cafe.

Luxor Breakfast buffet.

Luxor breakfast buffet.

R & A: Las Vegas Vol.2

The Stratosphere...

Audri was the only one brave enough to go on those CRAZZZZZY!! thrill rides on top of the Stratosphere!  We're so glad she made it out alive :)!!!

A romantic ride on a gondola in Venice (well, at least the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas!)

Brunch buffet at Paris - our favorite :)

Chilly evening after a day of snow.

Las Vegas apparently hasn't seen snow in 30 or 40 years! and we happen to be there when it does!

The night-time lights.